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Our CRM solution is featuring many aspects for after sales operations. Europe's leading household appliances manufacturers use our solution to provide best service experience for their customers. Some of the its core responsibilities are; Authorised Service Capacity Management, Technician Management, Appointment Management, Customer Management, Route Planning, Call Distribution Management (Capacity and Geography based), Service Ticket Management, Hand-held Device Support, Service Ticket Verification, Product Exchange Management, Salvage Management, Warranty Management, Payment Management, Product Defect Statistics, Reports, Integrations, Spare Part Warehouse Management.

Call Center Management

Most important task for a call center management system is its full integration to underlying corporate data. In this way call-center agents could reach whatever information they need while talking to the customers. Our call center management solution aims to tie all necessary operational information and present it to agent's reach with its rich user interface. Everyday, our system responds around 10000 customer calls, controls completion of 2500 simultaneous surveys and serves overall to 700 agents. Here are some module specifications from the software; Inbound Call Performance Monitoring, Surveys, Gift Coupons Management, Mailing Management, Services on Duty, Catalogs, System management.

Document Management System

In a global corporation it is important to keep product data up to date. Also a requirement arouse for showing schemes, pictures, guidelines for these products in a neat way. Maintaining products' data consistency at remote offices is vital for supply-chain operations and customer services. Here we came up with our document management solution just for this purpose. Our document management solution aims to support full integration with corporate's legacy systems to manage data flow in a smooth way. It has a powerful search mechanism for your product line and rich interface for implementing documents and guidelines just for your corporate's needs.

VoIP Solutions

We provide software and outsourcing for online - offline charging and billing, as well as campaign management, CRM and ticket management solutions for your telecommunications company. Our core capabilities also include; BSS/OSS Implementation Services, Capability Deployment Services, Hardware Optimization Services, OSS Support Services, Product Integration Services, Work Center Modeling, Revenue Assurance Services, Telecom Business Transformation Services, Configuration and Scripting, Optimization and Tuning.