We deliver software solutions from United Kingdom to South Africa since 2003



    We aim high quality solutions in order to maintain efficiency and accelerate business processes



    Our IT support is available 7/24 to ensure customer satisfaction and pave the way for future partnerships.


we are one of the most reliable software providers in our region with an outstanding customer portfolio.

Ray Solutions Inc. founded at Istanbul/Turkey in 2003, is an IT outsourcing services provider which stands out with its global partnerships from Europe to South Africa. Turkey is the fastest growing economy of the region with its highly skilled professionals and Ray Solutions Inc. distinguishes itself from regional competitors with this reputable and endless workforce. Through an accountable and flexible approach, Ray Solutions Inc. manages software development processes with latest technologies on its customers' behalf, allowing organizations to fully focus on reaching new frontiers. For years, Ray Solutions Inc. brings solutions to its valuable customers to save their cost and make their IT processes carefree inside their overall business structure.

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featured services

  • Software Development

    We develop software in terms of the industry standards and add high quality by our expertise and latest technological advancements.

  • Technology Consultancy

    Our aim is to deliver you the latest and most common technology as well as helping you with your on site needs. Our team will help you evolve your product line with cost effective solutions.

  • Project Management

    Agile methodologies are common aspects in our development lifecycle. Working with Scrum turns software development into a dynamic product pipe line from the very first iteration. So we can achieve best and most desired results in time according to our customers' needs.

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